Integration help for account "Prestige_White_Meadows"

"PHP" in Server Side

Step 1 : Insert the below code in the html page where you want the image/link to be integrated.

Parameters to play with

height - height of the app (default height=600)
width - width of the app (default width=1000)

Step 2: Download the screenshot image

Download "vidteq_map_Prestige_White_Meadows.png"

Step 3: Create a file map_Prestige_White_Meadows.php in the current page directory with the following snippet.

Step 4: Use the following QRCode in your business visiting card, so that your customer can find way to your business.


Application set up successfully !

You can also use following Server side redirection


with following type of integration

Popup   FixedI   

with following type of integration method


Direct insertion of a different domain URL either in iframe or as a popup is not advisable due to security concerns.
It is advised to do a server side redirection.